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Best Free YouTube Video Downloader Software Collection

YouTube Website

YouTube is a website which enables sharing videos globally. It is a forum to inspire, inform and connect with people across the globe. It enables people to watch videos online. But it is not always convenient to watch videos online. Hence we need to download the videos which we wish to watch over and over again. There are many more software available to download the videos from youtube.

Some of them are:

YTD Video Downloader

It is a very simple and an excellent tool which lets you download your favorite video clips from YouTube. The installation of this software is quite easy. To download a video all you need to do is copy the link to your clipboard, this software automatically detects and pastes it in the URL field. After that press, the download button your video starts downloading.

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Pros – It is very easy to use. It is quick at downloading the videos. It takes almost the same time to convert as it takes to download.

Cons – You need to have the pro version to download and convert simultaneously.

All video Downloader

It is a free software which lets you download videos from sites like YouTube, Vimeo etc. It has a search engine which lets you find videos and at the same time, it also allows you to add URLs. It is compatible with a large number of formats. To download a video you need to set the output format and parameters and then you can proceed to either search or paste the URL

Pros – It is compatible with a large number of sites. It has a variety of file formats which it supports

Cons – It can only download two videos at a time. At times it is impossible to download certain videos.


If you want a software that is free, fast and also easy to use then you should go for ClipGrab. It easily downloads and converts videos and also supports major video websites. It lets you download videos in high definition quality. Once you have copied the link in the clipboard it automatically detects it and also downloads it. The download speed is fast compared to other software.

Pros – It allows fast and simple downloads. Converting videos are very easy.

Cons – It is not integrated with the web browser.

Ummy Video Downloader

It is a very handy and simple software which helps to download HD and MP3 directly from YouTube. It lets you watch videos and listen to music while there is not internet connection. While the video is downloading it puts the main image of the video in the backdrop.

Pros – It lets you choose the video format. It lets you create your own music collection.

Cons – It does not have extensive file conversion options for some videos.

These are a few software which lets you download videos from YouTube without much hassle. It is very important to keep in mind that these programs install default search engines, toolbars etc if you don not pay proper attention. Although the software mentioned above do not include any such malware but you must be careful of it.

Using pop up windows on the sites?

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Before introducing pop up windows for your application site, here are a few software marketing tips which should consider.

Lots of designers use pop up windows to enhance their internet sites

Pop up windows add selection towards the Internet experience. You may appear an unusual-sized window, and put it everywhere about the user’s screen. Therefore initially glance, using popup windows may be seemingly successful software marketing.

However, are certainly a large amount of factors that may wish to stay away from pop up windows:

Many customers may see pop up windows as unwanted ads, and can shut them instantly. Them may irritate and ensure it is more unlikely that they’re going to purchase your application.

Some customers cannot produce pop up windows. Frequently, supervisors who’ll eventually create the program purchasing decision may ask their assistants or administrative personnel to research application choices on the web, and provide printed copies of important pages to them. If customers cannot produce product assessment data, your application pricing information, or other crucial info you may lose a purchase.

Popup windows in your application site It’s not impossible to save a pop up screen, or mail the link to colleague or a friend. When the data is essential for your application sales approach, putting it in a pop up screen makes it a lot more problematic for possible application customers to locate it.

Pop-up confuses unsophisticated computer users windows. Their surfers’ “back” links do not affect these windows, and customers do not really understand what related to pop ups.

Customers prefer to believe they are in control. Instead of needing to pay attention to a salesmanis refined presentation, using the Web the customer is in control. Customers decide how they understand to page in your site from page. Helping them pop up windows takes control from them, which does not make them open for your software sales information.

Increasingly more customers are employing pop up blocking software. Some advanced resources do not stop pop up windows which are personally clicked open, a number of them do. Therefore, some customers basically wont see your pop up window.

Do not drop software revenue due to pop ups

There are truly instances when it’s great software advertising to provide site data in pop up windows, despite my failure to think about just one instance.

pop up window

If you are using pop ups in your site, make sure that they contribute for your sales information.

Software marketing tips to Improve your software sales

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Your software sales information could be more efficient in case you set the most crucial data at the very top of the sales hype. It is great software marketing.

You may raise your application revenue should you stop developing me-also, look alike plans, and begin creating unique applications.

Selling Software to People

While promoting instructional software – or any application – in to the house, make sure that your sales concept is directed at all the crucial decision makers. Here are a few useful software marketing methods.

Tell Prospects That The Application Is Exclusive

You are able to promote more application should you explain for your site visitors that the application rewards and has functions they merely cannot find in other purposes.

market sale

Concentrate on Earnings

Downloads software sales, and readers are essential. But great software advertising implies that you need to concentrate on application gains.

Ending the Purchase – Developing A Number Of Software Sales Displays for the Trial Version

Software-getting prospects learn how to dismiss your nag screens. Focus your software marketing initiatives on-selling, not irritating.

Create Customer Expectations for the Application that the Rivals Cannot Fit

Produce in prospects’ heads the requirement that software inside your class should have a number of features which are exclusive for your application.

Word-of-mouth marketing works well.

It is a proven software marketing strategy. Ask your visitors to inform their friends about your application!