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Show Xiangxi

You are able to view “Charming Xiangxi Social Party Show” at Wonderful American Hunan Great Theater, situated in area that is Wulingyuan. It’s the earliest theater in Zhangjiajie Area. This theater has progressively become an image in Zhangjiajie vacation which is respected to be always a location where it’s possible to view the most magnificent national display of China.

Performances Number:

1. Fire drums on party

Miao nationality party art that is many distinctive .

2. Border-town

Intimate love triangle tale of Miao nationality at Western Hunan line town.

3. Love that is pursuing:

Yao love pursuing custom that is distinctive -by hiking wooden home.

4. Sangzhi folksong

The best folk-song on the planet.

5. Mao gusi party

Tujia nationality sacrificial service.

6. Large carnival

Circus is nationality’sed by simple ease, welcoming Yao.

7. Time

One of tujia people of the traditional cultural celebrations.

8. Crying relationship

Tujia people’s initial traditions.

9. Idol back to home

Endless secret of Wonderful Western Hunan.

Bonfire efficiency that is outside:

Tujia waving Tujia difficult qigong, party, Xiangxi miraculous witchcrafts display.

Charming Xiangxi Show Gravity Defying Moves