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Bike Repair and Maintenance | Bike Repair Software | Bike Maintenance Stand

Safety comes first. This is the main reason that bike repair and maintenance is important. If you run a bike repair shop, your business runs on the grounds of safety for bike users bike repair software comes in handy.

For Bike Repair Shop Owners: Why would you need a bike repair software?

Here are four simple reason why you would need one:

1. Online Bookings are possible even without added staff
Customers can book a bike repair any time even when you are not in the shop
Customers have a better view of availability when booking online.
Online payments are possible.
Shop owners can have a visual overview of bookings.
Customers get to choose various services being offered online.
You can configure when you want to take booking, and for what duration.
You can control when and how long to accept bookings.

2. Keeping customer information has never been easier
Locate customer details fast and easy
Shop owners can select what data to keep
Keep a record of customer repair and maintenance history

3. Mechanics workflow becomes easy so that you stay on top of important repairs. A bike repair software can show you which bike needs the most urgent attention.

4. Centralized storage for records of maintenance and repair. It can also keep a record of all the shop’s liability insurance.

For Bike Users: Why would you need to regularly have your bike checked?

As mentioned, safety always comes first. By having your bike checked regularly, you are ensuring your safety. You can do this yourself with the use of a bike maintenance stand (Cavalletto Manutenzione Bici | Salitomania). Here’s what bike repair shops can do for you.

1. Washing and cleaning of bikes
2. Grease seal, check moving parts
3. Check the bearing play on the headset of the handlebar
4. Check screw connections on the bike
5. Check wheels and tires
6. Check brakes and disc brakes on mountain bikes
7. Maintain suspension fork and damper
8. Check the suspension fork
9. Clean, oil and check the chain, cassette and chain rings
10. Clean and check the circuit

With everything checked, maintained, and repaired, your bike is roadworthy. You can rest your mind thinking that all can be well on your next cycling adventure or on simple daily routines on a bike.

Bike Maintenance Tips